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You can convert your WordPress website into a Dialogflow agent in a few minutes using the BotFlo app.

Here are the steps:

Get the WordPress XML export file

Make sure you download the correct WordPress XML export file.

Install the Export All URLs plugin

BotFlo only works with the export file created by the Export All URLs plugin.

Download all your posts in CSV format

Inside your WordPress admin, first find the Export All URLs plugin. Usually it is found under Tools > Export All URLs.

Now choose the settings as in the image below:

You can choose whichever post type you want to export. Although the plugin only allows a single post type per export, you can always concatenate the contents of multiple CSV files in your spreadsheet program.

At this point, you should have a CSV file exported and ready to go. A quick glimpse at the file looks like this in Mac Numbers: notice that there are 4 columns – Post ID, Title, URLs and Categories.

Login to BotFlo

You need to first login to be able to use the app. Click on the Login using Google button.

Go to the WordPress converter page

On the menu, select WordPress > Create Dialogflow agent from WordPress CSV Export link.

Upload the CSV file

Now click on the Upload file button and upload the CSV file you just exported.

You need to wait for a minute. If the file is large (and it usually is), it will take a while to upload, process and convert the file.

After about a minute, you should see a prompt to download the agent ZIP file.

Restore the ZIP file inside the Dialogflow console

Now go to your Dialogflow console, and use the RESTORE ZIP button to restore the ZIP file you just downloaded from the BotFlo app.

Enable the Dialogflow Messenger Integration

Note that the bot which is created can only be used within the Dialogflow Messenger integration, since that is the payload format which it uses.

For example, here is a screenshot of a bot generated using the Export All URLs plugin for my website.


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