Convert WordPress website URL list to Dialogflow agent ZIP file

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You can use BotFlo to take a list of URLs in your WordPress website and convert it into a Dialogflow agent. To do this, you must be the administrator of a WordPress website and be able to install plugins.

First, install the free Export all URLs plugin.

After you install the plugin, go to Settings -> Export all URLs in your WordPress admin.

In the "Select a post type", choose All post types.


a) check all the checkboxes for URL, Title and Category

b) choose only the published articles

c) choose CSV format

d) click on Export Now button.

Once you click on the Export Now button, you will see the page refresh, and a small blurb of text at the top with a link to download the CSV file. Download the CSV file to your computer by clicking that link.

Now log in to the BotFlo app.

Next, select WordPress -> From Export All URLs CSV file from the menu

Select the checkbox which says "Add training phrases based on Categories"

Browse and upload the CSV file that you just downloaded.

When the page refreshes, you will see a link to Download the agent ZIP file. (If you are interested you can also download the 4 Column CSV file corresponding to the agent which was generated for you, which you can see on the right).

Next, import the agent ZIP file you downloaded into Dialogflow.

Your Dialogflow chatbot should now work. You can test it by using the web demo integration.

Download sample CSV file