Creating followup intents in BotFlo CSV to ZIP converter

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I received this question from someone who purchased the Dialogflow CSV Importer (the precursor to BotFlo).

Hierarchy vs flat structure

If you look at a description of the CSV file structure for generating a bot, you will notice that it is a flat structure.

If you wish to add inherently hierarchical follow up intents, you have to simulate hierarchy within the flat structure. While this can be done, it will be a somewhat confusing user experience for people who only need the flat hierarchy.

Primary Use case

The primary use case for the BotFlo CSV to ZIP converter is for FAQ chatbots with a lot of questions (intents), and usually these bots do not use follow-up intents.

Should you use follow up intents?

In addition, it is probably a good idea to avoid using follow up intents. To see why, I recommend taking a look at my video series on building better bots.

And even if you were to use follow up intents, I would suggest using a context lifespan of 1 on the parent intent.