Build a Dialogflow prototype bot in 1 hour

I offer a fixed budget service where I can build a Dialogflow prototype bot for you during a 60 minute session (a Zoom video call).

At the end of the video call, you will have a working Dialogflow bot which calls a webhook and performs data access etc, but the service does not include the channel integration. All the work will be done in the Dialogflow Simulator.

Price of Prototype Service : $200

However, not all Dialogflow bots can be prototyped – i.e. built within the hour. But I can tell you whether your particular bot can be built using the prototype service.

All you have to do is send me a link to the Mindomo flowchart. You can create this flowchart by going through my guide here.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
The file extension is .mom You can export it from Mindomo. Your flowchart will be securely uploaded, and only I will be able to download and view it.

If I think I can complete building your bot within the hour, I will email you a link you can use to make the payment and schedule the appointment. If I think I cannot complete it within the hour, I will also send you an explanation why.