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Bulk upload intents for Dialogflow Facebook integration

When I released my Dialogflow CSV Importer, a lot of people asked me if I could also add some features which will allow people to bulk upload intents for rich responses (e.g. Quick Replies for Facebook Messenger).

The problem with rich responses is that they are inherently hierarchical data objects.

That is, you cannot fit them into the flat structure of a CSV file without making the user experience complicated and clumsy.

Recently, I discovered a tool which will allow you to get the best of both worlds – a spreadsheet like interface where it is easy to input data, and support for more complex hierarchical input like you need for rich responses.


The tool I am referring to is Airtable.

Why Airtable?

Because it is possible to link records from one table to another. As it turns out, this is an important requirement for declaring the rich responses.

Some people might point out that the same can be done inside tools like Excel and Google Sheets. But their UX is quite lacking and definitely not as polished as the one provided by Airtable.

Launch Discount

I am working on a new bulk upload tool targeted at Facebook integrations and will be adding support for Facebook rich responses. For now, I am extending my tool to only support Facebook quick replies. But soon, I will be adding other rich responses as well as creating similar tools for other channels such as Skype.

You can get 50% off the launch price if you can help me improve the tool by taking the survey below.

Here are the steps:

1 Create a copy of the base above (by clicking Copy Base link at the bottom right of the table)

2 Modify the data to add your own intents. It doesn’t have to be your actual production bot. You can just use some sample data which will be relevant to your use case.

3 Get a shareable link to your base (Note that your base will be public, although the URL will only be known to people whom you have shared it with).

4 Fill out the form below

The tool will not support slot filling and followup intents. I have explained the reasons on my website before.


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