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Seven ways to integrate a Dialogflow chatbot into your website

In this article I explain the different ways you can integrate Dialogflow into your website and how the specific type of integration will allow you to add rich responses inside your chat window. Seven ways to add a Dialogflow chatbot to your website August 2020 Update: There are now seven ways to integrate a Dialogflow chatbot into your website. 1 Use the built in 1-click web demo integration For example, here is a “tell me a random Chuck Norris joke” bot 🙂 I have built using the 1-click web demo integration. 2 Use the Dialogflow Messenger integration A while back, Dialogflow created the Dialogflow Messenger integration as a much needed improvement over the 1-click web demo integration. You can see…

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Dialogflow Zobot: Selection Triggers the next intent

In this tutorial, I will explain how you can move to the next intent based on a button selection in a Dialogflow Zobot. [1] What we are building We will be creating a bot which provides coupons for courses on my course website (to begin with. More features will be added later). Flowchart Let us take a look at the flowchart for this chatbot. Please take some time to go through my article on Dialogflow flowcharts to get a background on the conventions I have used in this flowchart. In addition to my usual conventions, I use two more conventions in this flowchart: a) The triple slash (///) acts as a separator and indicates a new chat bubble will be…

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Convert your WordPress website into a Dialogflow FAQ chatbot

I have created a tool which allows you to turn your WordPress website into a Dialogflow FAQ chatbot for your website within a few minutes. It is based on the Dialogflow Messenger integration. You can interact with the live bot (created by using this tool) here. For now, the tool is free. At some point in the future, I will probably make this a paid tool. So if you are interested, you should check it out soon. Learn more

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Dialogflow Messenger tutorial

In this tutorial, I explain how to add a chatbot to your website using the Dialogflow Messenger integration. What we will be building The video below shows what we will be building in this tutorial. Embed the chat widget into your website Embedding the chat widget into your website is straight-forward. Create your Dialogflow agent Create a new Dialogflow agent, and remove the Welcome event from the Default Welcome Intent. Add a new intent into your agent with the following information (note that it includes the Welcome event). Add the script to your web page Once you create your welcome intent, go to the Integrations pane, and select the Dialogflow Messenger integration. Now copy the script into your clipboard. Paste…

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Reader Question: Do you know a good bot for websites I can try out?

I got this question in a comment recently. I’ve been doing some research at chatbots and I agree with what you’re saying here! I’m build a chatbot with Chatfuel, but that is on messenger. Do you know a good bot for websites I can try out? While I cannot really give a comprehensive answer I can provide a few general guidelines as you try to build out your website chatbot. Conditional Logic Chatbots These chatbots are primarily based on conditional logic and don’t have any AI in them. Chatfuel is a good example. While these are useful in some scenarios they won’t work when you actually have a need to understand what the user is saying. This is quite different…