An alternative approach

Lesson 3

  • Hi Aravind.
    I have a simple question on the above video.
    Isn’t it better if we define followup intents with the traditional way and just change their context lifespans to 1? That way we will be able to see the followup structure in our intents page and and understand the flow of our dialog easier

    • Yes, good point. I think I do mention that as an option in other posts/videos I have created, but I don’t recommend it.

      The problem is: when you use the followup intent, the context name is actually auto-generated (and its not even a good name in my view). And if you try to change the context name, the followup intent hierarchy gets deleted – that is, everything becomes a flat intent. While follow up intents give you structure, this means you are now very restricted in terms of context names. As your agent becomes more complex, you will see that having control over your context names is extremely useful for both development as well as review.

      And if you don’t mind this downside, your suggestion will work well. Maybe you should try both ways in a test agent and see which you prefer.

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