How to build the Checklist Bot

Now let us take a look at the intents in this bot.

Default Welcome Intent

Note the following:

  • the intent contains the Welcome event
  • it includes the training phrase “Start Over”
  • it asks the first question “Do you know what the ML Threshold is?” followed by the rich response buttons for Yes and No options
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When the user answers No to the first question, we provide them a link (an info card response) with a link to read an article which discusses the must know features in Dialogflow. In other words, as soon as the user answers No to one of the must know features, we help them learn more about it.

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Also notice that we allow the user to start the conversation again at the end, using a single suggestion chip.


On the other hand, what if the user answers “Yes” to the first question?

We then move to the next item on the checklist (the next feature) and ask them about it.

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If the user answers “No” to the second question (after answering “Yes” to the first, remember), we will once again show them the same article which explains the must know Dialogflow features.

The premise is that the user will keep checking items off the list (i.e. keep answering Yes), but if they cannot check any of the items in the list, we will provide them a link to the article.

Download this intent


Download this intent


Download this intent


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And you keep repeating the same pattern for all the items in the checklist. I don’t think it is necessary to paste the intent definition for every single intent. 🙂

Let us look at the final two intents next.


Download this intent


The conversation ends when the user reaches the 10th item in the list.

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Note that we provide an appropriate message (a sort of congratulations) to the user if they answered “Yes” all the way. And remember that the intent above can only fire if the user answered Yes to all the items in the list.

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