Intent Definitions

I will take the agent we created for the previous tutorial and make suitable modifications so that it can be used for this example.

Welcome Intent

Modify the welcome intent with the following information.

Note the following:

  • It includes the Welcome event, so this intent will fire when chat window loads
  • There are two text responses followed by a custom payload
  • And it includes a bunch of suggestion chips inside the custom payload JSON
  • All the suggestion chip text corresponds to the user messages I had used for the different rich responses from my previous tutorial
Welcome intent (download)

Show.description.type intent

Now modify the show.description.type intent to add a single suggestion chip as the custom payload. The suggestion chip should simply say “Start Over”. Notice that we have already included “Start Over” as a training phrase in the df-messenger-welcome intent.

Intent which displays description response type (download) intent

Modify the intent with a similar custom payload at the end.

Intent which displays the Info response type (download)

Now do the same for the other intents which display rich responses in the previous agent.

Default Fallback Intent

Finally, add the suggestion chip to Start Over to the Default Fallback intent also.

(Question for the reader: Can you explain why we are adding it?)

Default Fallback intent will allow the user to start over (download)

That’s it. Now you should be able to see the bot in action.


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