Advanced FAQ Bot Generator (10 Column Format)

The Advanced FAQ Bot generator allows you to generate a Dialogflow FAQ chatbot with a few clicks.

Here are the steps:

Step 1 Specify the CSV file in the correct format.

You need to specify 10 columns in the advanced FAQ bot generator.

The 10 Columns you need to specify are:

1 IntentID – mandatory for every row

2 IntentName – must appear for the first row when the IntentID changes

3 Query – optional

4 Response – optional

5 Response2 – optional, this goes into the second text response block

6 Action – optional

7 InputContext – optional

8 OutputContext – optional

9 Lifespan – optional, but lifespan is mandatory if you specified an output context in the previous column

10 CallsWebhook – optional (does the intent call the webhook?)

Also note that the column names have to be specified exactly as written here (and it is case sensitive).

Step 2 Upload CSV file

Step 3 Download agent ZIP file

Step 4 Restore the ZIP file inside your Dialogflow web console

The video below shows a demo

Download Flask app

Download sample CSV file

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