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Dialogflow Messenger Example Bots

On this page, I describe some example bots you can build using the Dialogflow Messenger integration.

Simple FAQ chatbot

This is the canonical example of a chatbot. And the most common use case for Dialogflow – helping people find answers to questions which are posed in natural language.

I have created an FAQ chatbot based on the articles on this website. It is a very simple FAQ bot – the article titles are the training phrases, and the response is a link to the article. That’s it.

You can interact with the live bot here.

I used my BotFlo app to create the website chatbot.

Dialogflow provides a way to import an FAQ bot using the agent ZIP file import feature.

This means it is possible to create a script which will allows you to automatically turn a CSV file of intent definitions into an FAQ chatbot. In other words, you can bulk upload Dialogflow intents using my BotFlo app.

The website chatbot I have created is a specific application of this process. So instead of having to manually type out an intent for each article on your website, you can just:

You can watch the videos below if you are interested in learning more.

Selection Triggers the Next Intent

This bot provides a tour of the Dialogflow Messenger rich responses and is a good example of a bot where the user selects an option, which in turn triggers (or fires) the next intent.

Read the tutorial

Decision Tree Bot

This bot helps the user make a decision by having them answer a series of Yes/No questions.

Read the tutorial

Checklist Bot

The checklist bot walks the user through a list of items in a checklist.

Read the tutorial

Interactive Learning Bot

The interactive learning bot helps you teach concepts to your users/students by asking them a series of questions and assessing their knowledge of the material.

Read the tutorial

Get the agent ZIP files

You can enroll in my Dialogflow Messenger Example Bots course to learn this topic in depth:

  • download the agent ZIP files and import them into your Dialogflow console
  • video walkthroughs of how to build the example bots
  • sending rich responses from Dialogflow webhook