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How to reprompt for user input without going to Default Fallback?

I got this question from a reader:

I’m developping a chatbot for a project and I have a problem when I’m in a context and the sentence don’t match the chat go back to fallback intent and restart the chat.
For example the user want to subscribe an insurance contract so he have different chooses at the beginning in fallback intent.
when he choose subscribe assurance, the chatbot ask him the type of the insurance like car, home, moto… so I want that in this case if the sentence don’t match to ask a question to repeat type of insurance but the chat go back to fallback intent.

What the user is asking is: if I already have an intent which is expecting some information from the user (based on setting a context), what happens if the user types something that the intent cannot handle?

Another way of asking the same question is: in these scenarios, you want the fallback to go back to the same place in the conversation. If you allow the Default Fallback to handle the user’s input, unfortunately you will lose the context.

The Custom Fallback Intent

To handle this scenario, you need to use the custom fallback intent.

I have recorded a video to explain how to do this.

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