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[00:00] so I first talk about what we will be building in this course we will be building a bot called the planet spot and there are a few reasons why I am choosing this one the first one is that it is a good teaching tool that is I can progressively make the bots behavior more complex and. Also have something which you can use as a template for building similar chat BOTS.

So the planets bot is nothing more than a chat [00:30] bot which can answer questions about the planets and you might know that recently the pluto has been demoted from being a planet to I guess being just one of the cosmic objects and but for the sake of this discussion I will just use it

Also as a planet and that means we have nine planets. And the planets bot will answer questions like what is the radius of ⌛ [01:00] let’s say Jupiter or what is the volume of Earth and what is the color of Mars and so on so it will be it just answers questions about the nine planets.

And when I start with this chat BOTS like you you just create a new agent in Dialogflow

And you can see that this is what you’ll see when you already have these two intents called the default welcome intent. And the default fallback [01:30] intent so first question is what are intents. And the simplest answer is the intent represents something that the user wants to do it is the users intention and if I you have to type and you might know that this is the simulator and whatever you type here you will it is what you will see when you actually build out and deploy your part so if I were to just type the word hi you can see that it is saying that the ⌛ [02:00] intent which was selected is the default welcome intent which is over here.

And the response comes back with hello how can I help you now if you go and look at the default welcome intent the way it works is it already has this list of possible phrases that the user might say and you

Also declare the appropriate response based on what the user said at the end [02:30] of the day Dialogflow is effectively a pattern matching engine it’s a text pattern matching engine and it uses you know the it uses something called natural language understanding its field of computer science it uses natural language understanding to be able to understand and do this text pattern matching now I had mentioned that we are going to build out this planet spot.

And you can see let’s say if I type what is ⌛ [03:00] the radius of Saturn and what happened now is that

There is no way for this agent to understand the users intent in this particular case. And that is why it’s gone to something called the default fallback intent. And the default fallback intent as the name indicates is a fallback where if the Dialogflow is not able to understand what the user [03:30] says it will just map the users phrase to this default fallback intent and if you go and look inside the default fallback intent you will see that these are the responses that it will provide if it can’t understand what the user said.

And you can see that there are lot of them but what dialogue Pro does is it just chooses one from all of these and uses that as the response over here

In this case you can see that it’s chosen the fifth response from this text ⌛ [04:00] response block.

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