The best database for non-programmers building Dialogflow bots

For non-programmers, working with spreadsheets is easy. But working with databases is not. A good compromise is Airtable – which is a sort of a combination of a spreadsheet and a database.

On the one hand, it is trivial to input data into Airtable because everything looks like a grid of cells.

On the other hand, you can do some database like operations – notably enforce data types and create links between table records – that you cannot do in regular spreadsheets like Excel and Google Sheets.

Finally, Airtable provides an easy to use API to move data in and out of their tables (if you ever need to migrate away) and also has probably the best UX for non-programmers who wish to do complex workflows without learning how to code.

All this to say, I have decided to use Airtable as the database for this tutorial. 🙂

Note: while I call it the best database, in reality, actual databases are much, much more powerful than Airtable. However, installing and maintaining and getting the most out of such databases is not easy (even for programmers).

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