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Dialogflow Quickstart Templates

Quickstart templates are small (micro) bots which are designed for a very specific task. There are three parts (files) in these templates usually – a video demonstrating what the bot does, a video demonstrating how to build the bot, as well as the agent ZIP file for the bot.

This way, you can download the agent ZIP file and import it into your Dialogflow console and follow along with the video which shows how to build such a bot.

There are multiple benefits of using these Dialogflow Quickstart Templates to learn how to build Dialogflow bots

  • they are small and self-contained, so easier to follow what is going on
  • they do not contradict each other. Since all these bots are built using the explicative approach, you will not find that every bot works well with the other bots
  • in turn, this means you can compose and combine these microbots and create more powerful, complex bots
  • quite often, people get stuck with the basic conversation pattern for building these bots (e.g. how to ask the user a set of open ended questions), so once you understand these conversational “LEGO” pieces, you will be able to build some powerful bots by yourself

All the demo videos below are sample videos (i.e. you can watch for free)

Check out the Dialogflow Quickstart Templates course


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