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Import agent from Dialogflow ES to Dialogflow CX directly?

Here is a question I received on my YouTube channel:

Is it possible to import the agent from Dialogflow ES to Dialogflow CX directly?

The short answer is No.

Remember: you can also completely ignore your existing ES bot and just start from scratch with CX – probably a good idea at the moment.

But if you are absolutely determined to migrate your ES bot to CX, this article gives you an important tip which will probably make the process smoother.

The primitives used in Dialogflow CX are very different from ES

I mentioned this in my previous article – a method to evaluate multiple bot frameworks.

Essentially, Dialogflow CX uses entirely different primitives compared to ES, so it is more of a “rewrite” than a mere “redesign”. This makes it much harder to directly import an ES agent to CX.

Having a flowchart for your ES bot will help

If you used the flowchart system I have described in my free “flowchart to Dialogflow chatbot” course, the migration process will definitely be much easier. On the other hand, if you didn’t start with the flowchart process I have described, you probably shouldn’t waste your time and just create the CX bot from scratch.

So why does the flowchart help?

For one thing, my flowcharting system forces you to make your ES bot’s conversation state machine more explicit – and remember you need to first design the state machine if you are building a reasonably complex CX bot.

Migration example

I created an example of migrating from ES bot to CX in my Dialogflow CX course (paid).

It starts with getting user’s first and last name using ES first, and then shows you how you can do the same thing using a CX bot. On the one hand, that’s a fairly simple example. On the other hand, it is a pretty good introduction to the migration process.

Don’t migrate non-contextual FAQ Bots

If you are building a non-contextual chatbot – basically a one-and-done chatbot which just answers FAQ questions without any follow up answers – you probably don’t even need a CX bot.

By the way, I have created a tool which can help you create such an FAQ bot with a single click. So another way of looking at the same thing: if your ES bot can benefit from BotFlo’s FAQ Bot generator, it probably isn’t a good candidate for migration.

CX is primarily meant for the use case where your Dialogflow ES bot’s flowchart gets fairly complex – I also mention this in my article about when to migrate from ES to CX.

For some additional explanation about when CX is necessary, also read my article on Dialogflow CX vs ES where I talk about the Twitter conversation I had with a Google developer advocate:

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