Learn Dialogflow CX

You can learn Dialogflow CX systematically using my course. Get 20% off the Dialogflow CX course till end of Jan 2021 using this link.


While I have lots of Dialogflow ES courses, all the material for learning Dialogflow CX will be consolidated into this one course. I might make an exception for some tangential material, but all the core concepts will be presented in this one course.

And as I keep adding new material, I will also be increasing the price. So by buying in Jan 2021, you will be getting the course at the lowest (i.e. launch) price.

Understanding the state machine

Building the Vendee Bot

CX vs ES Bot: Get user first and last names

Flowcharts and Test Cases

Entities and Parameters

CX Webhooks using Python

Dialogflow CX Slot Filling

Conditional routes with expressions