Recommended tools and services for Dialogflow bot makers

On this page, I have listed some tools and services that I recommend for Dialogflow bot makers.


Airtable’s slogan is “works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database”. That is a good summary of the service. It is what I currently recommend that you use as the backend for your Dialogflow prototype bot. It has some features which make it particularly well suited for creating Dialogflow chatbots.

Before I found Airtable, was the tool I recommended as a low-code database option for Dialogflow bot makers. I even used it to created my free “Step-by-step guide to Dialogflow for non-programmers” YouTube course. However, at this point I recommend Airtable if you are going to build Dialogflow chatbots.


XMind is an excellent mind-mapping tool and is one of the best tools for creating Dialogflow flowcharts. Unfortunately, it is a desktop app. Plus some time back they also removed the DropBox like cloud sharing option. This means it is a little more limited when it comes to collaboration.


Mindomo is a web based mind-mapping tool and an alternative to XMind, and also an excellent tool for creating Dialogflow flowcharts. You get all the features which you need for creating solid Dialogflow flowcharts, plus the usual benefits of a web based tool such as easier sharing and collaboration.

Note: You can often get Mindomo from the StackSocial site for a very good deal.


Postman is a very handy tool when you wish to create an integration which uses Dialogflow’s REST API, and just to understand how different APIs (and not just Dialogflow) work in general. In fact, I explain how non-programmers can use Postman to explore and understand Dialogflow’s REST API in my online course.


Unlike the others, ngrok is geared specifically towards programmers. This is a must have tool when coding Dialogflow webhooks, and I explain why in this article.

Sometimes, when you don’t have an existing list of training phrases (e.g. conversation logs from customer support), it makes sense to use a “pre NLU” bot (scripted bot) to collect some training phrases first which you can use for your chatbot. It is better than “guessing” what your users might say.

I recommend and have written a detailed review here.

Disclosure: Many of the above are affiliate/referral links. At the same time, these are “tried and tested” tools and best-in-class for their intended purpose, which is why I recommend them.