Build Better Bots

10 Lessons

About this course

This course introduces the CTFS framework which helps you build better Dialogflow chatbots. 

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Course Structure

A puzzle

A puzzling behavior you encounter when using followup intents in Dialogflow. 

Puzzle Explanation

An explanation of the behavior from the previous lesson. 

An alternative approach

An alternative approach which can avoid the problem seen in the previous lessons. 

Session Variables

How can we store values across a conversation if we always use a context lifespan of 1?

Session Variables Part 2

A continuation of the previous lesson.

Fallbacks for followup intents

This lesson describes another challenge when using followup intents. 

Candidate Intents

This lesson introduces the idea of candidate intents. 

Target Intents

This lesson introduces target intents. 

Fallback Intents

This video introduces the concept of Fallback intents - which is quite similar to the regular notion. 

Surplus Intents

In the final lesson of this course, we take a look at surplus intents.