Dialogflow for Non-programmers

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About this course

This free course explains the basics of Dialogflow for non-programmers. Specifically, I use a simple, easy to follow chatbot to progressively introduce more challenging concepts. If you are willing to put in some reasonable effort, you will also have a working webhook at the end of the course. 

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Course Structure


This lesson explains what this course is about, who it is suited for, and what we will be building. 

Intents - 1

A discussion of intents and how they work. 


What are entities? When do you need to use them? We discuss this topic in this lesson.

Contexts - 1

In this lesson, we discuss how contexts work. 

Webhooks - 1

Fulfillment, also called webhooks, is the most challenging topic for people who don't have years of programming experience. A big reason for this is the complexity of setting up a real database, without which webhooks are not particularly useful. To help with this challenge, I use the service, which provides one of the simplest ways to set up a real database online, to help you create your first webhook.